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* Read the JavaWorld.Com article "A Recipe for Cookie Management" (April 2002) by Sonal Bansal, featuring jCookie.

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What is jCookie ?

jCookie is a free, open source Java library for easy and robust cookie handling in client-side Java applications. It has been designed and implemented by Sonal Bansal.

Client-side HTTP state management (or cookie handling) is important for Java applications that need to interact with Web applications like email or online banking services.

Though there exist several client-side HTTP state management APIs, they are (IMHO) difficult to learn and unnecessarily reinvent the wheel. jCookie is thin, robust, and uses the core Java API objects as far as possible.

Bugs, Features, Help and Feedback

Please visit the jCookie project site on SourceForge.Net for the above. You will find the following facilities:

jCookie Credits, License, Copyright

jCookie has been designed and implemented by Sonal Bansal.

The jCookie library is released as Open Source, under the GNU LGPL v2.1

The jCookie library code is Sonal Bansal, 2001-2002.
The code for the sample programs is Sonal Bansal, 2001-2002, unless stated otherwise.

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